the robson valley music festival
AUGUST 16-18, 2019


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2007 Lineup

Mr. Something Something
Mr. Something Something has been nominated for a juno this year!
With a fresh afro-beat sound, a powerful message and a wildly energized and unpredictable live show, Mr. Something Something has a hard-earned and solid reputation as an act that really gets through to people.
Ellen MCIlwaine with Cassius Khan
Born in Nashville, raised in Japan, this Slide Guitarist brings her Middle-Eastern, Indian, Pakistani and West African influences with Rhythm & Blues Roots to the collaboration.
Mihirangi (me-hee-rung-ee) is an angel. A one-woman show, her smooth, soulful R&B voice is filled with courage, conviction and grace. And her music is politically charged, yet authentic and original.
Don Alder
Don Alder plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar with a passion that has quickly earned him a reputation as Vancouver's "best kept little secret"
Random Order
Vocalist/guitarist S. Lynn Phillips is the driving force behind Random Order whose vocal style traverses the musical spectrum ranging from playful rap, to soulful reggae, to blow-you-away punk/funk and rawk. Lynn's over-the-top leads have an evident Jimi Hendrix influence! John "Juilliard" Jowett plays the trombone with a conductor's confidence and a ska player's humour. Nina Martinez luvs Jamaican ska which is manifest in the toe tappin' bass smackin' head boppin' laid back sanguine bass lines Nina provides. Sarah Stephens is a hard hittin' ska smackin' tattoo laden drummer whose exuberant energy explodes in live Random Order shows.
Rae Spoon
Rae Spoon is a young artist who proudly follows in the time-honored tradition of the singers he respects. Armed with influences such as Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams, he continues to mine the territory that lays between reverence for the greats and his own original perspective and voice
Resisting the temptation to be pigeon holed into any one genre, Mamaguroove's music and live show is about Revolution! Masterfully executed chops, rich exotic vocals, an irresistable dance groove, and visually stunning costumes make for a one of a kind show!
Miss Emily Brown
Electrowarped folk fusion hailing from Vancouver
soul through folk to roots to world beat all the way from Australia

Yael Wand, Corwin Fox, Lionel Desjarlais Band, Peter Alan John Spearn. Arbitrarys, Linkomatics, Foxy Autopsy, The Cottonweeds, Larry Gustafson, Haggard, Bunny Hoover, Dave Routley, Shade Tree, Glenna Garamone.

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