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AUGUST 11-13, 2017


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2008 Lineup

On the road 24/7, Australian artist Aurora Jane has a story like no other. Her music reflects the vast distances she travels, spanning diverse genres, but residing most comfortably in a funky, rootsy groove. Sharing stories while she's on the move between the Australian desert, India & North America, Aurora Jane's songs display an insightful global perspective, yet retain a breathtaking intimacy.
Traveler's music is a unique fusion of world music (GYPSY, MIDDLE EASTERN, GREEK, AND CELTIC)and hard rock. Using traditional ethnic instruments combined with all the power of a full blown rock band, their performances are intense, exotic and adrenaline-driven.
Hey Ocean is a young band with a remarkable talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own. The beautiful melodies and clever lyrics of singers Ashleigh Ball and David Beckingham have been described as both poetic and thought provoking, however it is apparent that these two play off each other effortlessly. The duo - who have had a long-standing musical relationship - are joined by the wildly energetic David Vertesi on bass and the groove-obsessed Daniel Klenner on drums. Together, they have created a musical repertoire that cannot be ignored ­ be it on radio, television or your neighbor's iPod, Hey Ocean will soon be everywhere.
Shane Philip
Swelling in primordial pulses and wholloping whoops, the tacit tones of Shane Philip's didgeridoo hold the power to still listeners into silence or encourage audiences to rise up in a tribal swell of intoxicating spirit -- with sometimes but a heartbeat in between. Meanwhile his hands will be skilfully juggling between shaking up rhythms with his aslatua, driving the dance floor with his djembe and sliding out grooves on his Weissenborn-style guitar while his foot taps in earthshaking electronic kicks wherever they might fit. He is a one-man show weaving sounds that inspire audiences anywhere he goes.
Resisting the temptation to be pigeon holed into any one genre, Mamaguroove's music and live show is about Revolution! Masterfully executed chops, rich exotic vocals, an irresistable dance groove, and visually stunning costumes make for a one of a kind show!
Danielle French is an award-winning singer/songwriter who, in her 10+ years as a recording artist, and performer, has worked with an impressive list of musicians and producers that reads like a who's who of the Canadian music industry. Artists such as Burton Cummings, Rita McNeil, Tom Cochrane, Matthew Good, as well as members Spirit of the West, Blue Rodeo, the Rheostatics, Veal, Sarah McLachlan's band, Barney Bentall's band and Mae Moore's band have leant their talents and/or support to Danielle's previous endeavors. She has co-written with Matthew Good, Jenny Allen and Annette Ducharme and several of her songs have been covered by Jenny Allen, Shelley Lennox and the Plaid Tongued Devils. Career highlights include being invited onto Rita MacNeil's hit CBC show Rita and Friends, and being welcomed onto the Calgary leg of Lilith Fair.
Joey Only has been credited as one of the founders of 'anti-folk' music though he doesn't like the term; he deeply believes in the tradition of folk music and studies it hard. Growing up on farms and in swamps to a courageous single mom while his dad was in prison or working carnivals taught him life's hardest lessons. His youth as a bush punk near the famous Spiderland Acres ( in Hastings County Ontario formed his political views, his musical sound and qualified his credentials to speak out. From a young age you could find Joey swinging an axe in the country one weekend and in a big city busking up the coin to get into a Ripcordz show the next. His first band, the Persecuted, was very controversial and popular in the mid nineties Ontario punk scene.
Introducing Lily Come Down. A fresh Canadian Folk band with feel-good sound. Blending intoxicating melodies with fun rhythms and innovative harmonies, their self-titled release, "Lily Come Down" demonstrates their bands considerable skill in songwriting and arrangement. With broad influences fused together Lily Come Down is a new brand of Fiesty Folk!
Gemma Luna, is a self taught singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in the Kootenay region of central British Columbia. Born in Kingston , New York, she started singing at age five, playing guitar at fifteen, and picked up the flute and piano along the way as her family moved into Canada and westward. Over the years Gemma Luna has honed her musical craft at festivals, clubs and cafes.She has collaborated with many musicians of varying styles on projects ranging from folk, gypsy trance, hip hop, world fusion and electronica. For the past five years she has worked and performed with renowned electronic producer and Juno nominee Adham Shaik
As one of the few musicians in the world actively composing and performing on the rare harp guitar, Dan LaVoie brings a unique sound and texture to fans of acoustic music. After playing the six-string guitar for several years, Dan picked up the harp guitar in 2001 and has since composed solely for this instrument. Bridge Guitar Reviews said Dan's self-titled 2003 debut album contained "... a soulful atmosphere and a skilled and progressive approach to music. The music Dan produces has deep basses and well-executed melody lines." Bob Makin of Relic's Magazine writes "Dan's soaring execution will drop the jaws of unsuspecting acoustic music fans and impress those familiar with this young man's chops!" Reminiscent of the work of Michael Hedges and Richie Havens, Dan's music is sophisticated and compelling, and his live performances are a special experience visually and aurally.
Mahzu blends ethnic world beat music with dancehall/reggae drum and bass.  Mesmerizing the audience with an authentic and fresh sound,  Mahzu plays traditional and original acoustic songs based on eastern and middle-eastern melodies.
Tippy Agogo
Tippy Agogo is a celebrated West Coast musician who is famous, as freak show impresario Jim Rose puts it, for being able to "make an orchestra out of a wet soggy box." Incorporating tape loops, exotic rhythms, homemade percussive instrumentation and an ability to mimic pretty well any sound with just his vocal chords, Tippy's always unique performances have become legendary in some circles. In his day, the Tipster has worked alongside k.d. lang, Skinny Puppy and Sarah McLachlan, to name but a few.
John Spearn
You'll instantly catch these deep influences threaded through John's fine vocals, lyrics, and rootsy, guitar-mastered songwriting works. His grant-supported Canada Songs and Northern Sightlines CDs have taken him from sea to sea to sea as a major festival performer, workshop host, and historical curriculum author. His Canada Songs Project has received several award nominations. This is pure Canadiana: forgotten but deserving heroes, the humility in our international image, and a superb range of tender ballads through to raw, foot-stompin' stories that need to be told.
Kaley Kinjo
Ask around in almost any corner of the Calgary music scene and you will find someone who knows Kaley Kinjo well. In the past seven years he has become a very active and noted member of the Calgary musical community. Starting by playing bass for others, Kinjo performed with many different groups and attended every local jam he could find. In the fall of 2004, Kaley auditioned for popular Canadian act The Plaid-Tongued Devils and has been with them ever since. In that time he has toured western Canada and parts of Europe with them, sharing the stage with such acts as Lisa Brokop, Stabilo, Jim Cuddy, Sarah Harmer, 54-40, Trooper, Faber Drive, Patricia Conroy and Bette Serveert. Although Kaley is usually noted as a sought-after bassist, this young artist demonstrates excellent songwriting skills on piano and guitar as well. Never one to limit himself, Kaley's music consists of a wide variety of styles including roots, ska, folk, pop, soul, rock, punk, country, and even reggae influences.
Guitarist Eric Tompkins and Persian singer Neda are on a creative journey that draws from their richly diverse musical and cultural backgrounds. Originally from Iran, Neda lived for many years in Washington DC and London, England where she performed Persian standards and traditional music. She frequently shared the stage with well known Iranian performers such as Hayedeh, Aslani, Moein and Leyla. Neda met Eric in 2006 and began a musical collaboration which would eventually take her to Canada. Much of the music of Navaz is rooted in the Sufi poetry of Hafez and Rumi, while some of it has a more contemporary Persian sound fused with Spanish and Brazilian rhythms. Although Neda's background is Persian, she sings in Spanish, Italian, French and English. At a concert you can expect to hear echos of Edith Piaf, Googoosh, and a hauntingly familiar Patsy Cline. The music will make you want to dance or take you on an exotic journey to far away places. . .
Morlove is the creative collision of neo-folk trailblazer, Corwin Fox and silver-tongued songbird, Miss Emily Brown. Packing more instruments than they can carry and over their heads with harmonies, the Fox and the Duck come crashing in with deep thoughts and dirty laundry. Hold onto your bleeding hearts.


Peter Alan, Hillbilly Freak Show, Shawn Stephenson, Linkomatics, Larry Gustafson, Glenna Garamone, Ghosts of the Highway, Fibber, Cort Delano, Roxanne Hall, Sadaka Ensemble and many more local and regional performers!

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