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AUGUST 16-18, 2019


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2010 Lineup

Kinobe & Soul Beat Africa
Soul Beat Africa is the new voice of Ugandan music, the inspired synthesis of African roots and world music, of traditional and modern instrumentation. These musicians represent the new vanguard of Ugandan performers, gifted instrumentalists steeped in the music of their homeland, but with ears opened to the sounds of the world at large. Driving poly-rhythms underlay transcendent melodies. Traditional African instruments ­ koras, kalimbas, adungus, endongos, ngonis, drums ­ blend with guitars and keyboards, drawing on influences from around the globe. This is a new groove for a new world.
Linda Mcrae
When all the trends fade and become dated, and all the music from the cutting edge becomes dull, Linda McRae will continue to stand tall, singing and playing music with honest soul and humility, cutting through the fog with her timeless clarity. Linda is one of the true, soulful pioneers of honest roots music. Her singing and playing brings honour to her heroes and to her friends and fans.
A 13-piece from Montreal blasting out a healthy dose of funky R&B and Afrobeat. Papagroove takes you on a rich aural journey that stretches from West Africa to Oakland, USA. The members - all outstanding players - run a tight ship! They're an original band with the right political message.
Resisting the temptation to be pigeon holed into any one genre, Mamaguroove's music and live show is about Revolution! Masterfully executed chops, rich exotic vocals, an irresistable dance groove, and visually stunning costumes make for a one of a kind show!
Aurora Jane & Massive Change
On the road 24/7, Australian artist Aurora Jane has a story like no other. Her music reflects the vast distances she travels, spanning diverse genres, but residing most comfortably in a funky, rootsy groove.
Brian Macmillan
Brian is one of Canada's finest young musicians. An extremely talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Brian's uplifting music is a blend of all of his favourite styles; Folk, Reggae, World and Pop music. Equally at ease and captivating as a solo performer or with his trio, Brian aims to connect and convey his genuine love of making and sharing music.
Fish & Bird
Fish & Bird's relationship with folk music is a little complicated. Their love for old-time music and various other folk traditions comes from deep in their hearts, but that profound respect doesn't stop them from showing the genre a little abuse. At the core is a partnership in music-making between virtuosic multi-instrumentalist Adam Iredale-Gray and singer/songwriter Taylor Ashton. Their musical education came from as diverse places as irish sessions, jazz school, garage rock, musical theatre, and old-time jams.
Blackberry Wood
Blackberry Wood is a wonderful, secret and Magic combination of original oldstyle country/ragtime/Circus/Gypsy music, up to date party grooves such as exotic Worldbeats/hipnotic HipHop/upjumpin' Ska, and other irresistible body shakin'/foot shuffling stuff.
Faye Blais
Faye Blais is a Canadian singer-songerwriter with haunting vocals and unique electric and acoustic guitar and piano styles. She is described as indie/folk with hints of jazz, quoted as "young, edgy, and powerfully present, continuing the thread started by Joni, picked up by Ani and fashioned by Feist."
The F-Holes
Don't let their tongue-in-cheek name fool you, rather let their raucous live performance be a testament to their unique blend of country, dixieland, and Manitoba roots music.  Since forming in Winnipeg in 2004, The F-Holes have shared the stage with the likes of Juno nominated artists Elliot Brood, Twilight Hotel, Nathan and The Perpetrators, as well as The Weber Brothers and Dan Frechette.  They have entertained a wide variety of audiences ranging from the Children's Fringe Festival and the Festival du Voyageur, to the Manitoba Stampede and the Fire and Water Music Festival. Their unmistakable vintage inspired sound and zeal for live performance has garnered them acclaim from an array of critics and audiences alike.
Jean Paul De Roover
With an innovative approach to music, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than a solo artist. Accompanied by live looping, guitars and a voice used as an instrument, this 'sonic architect' builds his songs from foundation to facade before your very eyes. Beginning with dead silence, his performance could lead anywhere: full a capella harmonies, rhythmic tribal beats, noise-layered worlds of ambient rock, campfire-folk, electro-ballads and anything in between. With lyrical content that can be brutally honest, or lovingly truthful, one thing is certain: the originality and creativity of his timeless performances shines through to every listener.
Joanna Chapman-Smith
Joanna Chapman-Smith is a powerful young woman who has been making waves on the folk scene since 2002. Alone on stage, sitting atop a percussion rig made out of a suitcase and outnumbered by instruments, she charms unassuming crowds into singing along and letting themselves be carried away into her world that questions right and wrong, mind and body, permanence and impermanence. At 25 years old she has already been many times across the country, over to the US, Europe and New Zealand as well.
Jesse Dee & Jacquie B
A brew of many genres namely Jazz and Folk; Edmonton, AB based duo Jesse Dee and Jacquie B are creating a sound that is distinctly vintage yet unmistakably contemporary. Their music is laden with  tender laments, clever hooks, and unique harmonies; their live show will leave you smiling and hooked!
Filling dance floors and laying down good vibes ... The 6 members of Earthbound come from a variety musical backgrounds and together they create a dynamic and energetic World/Jazz/funk sound. The soul mistress Kira Gosselin has a wicked blend of genres and sultry vocals that compliment the groove and keep the energy upbeat. Kira's intelligent lyrics and powerful song writing has a raw and real positive global vibe. On keyboard, guitar, saxophone, and vocals is Evan Wilds, a Kamloops born singer/songwriter of soul, funk, and dance. Embedded deep in the Earthbound rhythm section are Peter Mehrfert unique experienand percussion.
The Shaman
* Manuel and Mauricio fused together as the Shaman spawns a Latin sound aggressive and upbeat, spiced with a smooth infectious groove.
Go Go Bonkers!
BONKERS! is the brainchild of two very talented and gifted musicians, Iain McLaren and Trevor Mason. This dynamic and creative musical duo perform interactive songs for children at festivals, elementary schools, community centres and day cares. Their highly imaginative songs and co-operative interplay with children makes a BONKERS! concert an event to remember.
Roxy the Clown
Renovating souls, one laugh and song at a time.
Facepainting, Balloon Sculptures, Live Music, Interactive Shows, Living Statues and more!
Nylon Zoo
The Story inside the Salmon is based on a Native Legend about the birth of the Salmon. An arrogant Price is transformed by the Sprit of the River, into a Salmon, the wisest of fish! Angela has two salmon, whale, dragon, castle, beaver and a dinosaur inflatable. The children enter the inflatables through a zipper at the side or at the tale of the inflatable and go inside for interactive storytelling. The stories are followed by a costume parade and group dance.
Sasha Lewis
From the small village of Dunster, B.C Canada tucked away in the rocky mountains comes the rock folkstress Sasha Lewis.Honing in her craft all these years, Sasha is always trying new things. Over the last six years Sasha has performed with punk bands, recorded with a hip hop group as a featured singer/ songwriter, and has performed and written songs with a more alternative pop group. Known for working and collaborating with many different artists, this has helped broaden her range of genres and style. Now focusing on her solo career and staying true to herself, you can look forward to much more from this girl.
Scott Dunbar
Scott is a singer, songwriter and one man band extraordinaire from Prince George, BC who is now living in Montreal. Like anyone he's trying to figure out what it's all about. When he finds out he'll let you know by stomping out songs about it with as much fire as he can muster.
Scott Cook
Edmonton's own prairie balladeer Scott Cook sings thoughtful acoustic roots music so honest it hurts. He brings a wealth of experience, years of roads, and a deep love of humanity to his songcraft & storytelling. Here are existential ramblings, hobo travelogue, and musings on love and loss marked by characteristicly mellow fingerpicked guitar arrangements, disarming honesty, and the sheer joy of being alive..
Moving Mosaic Samba Band
The Moving Mosaic Samba Band plays traditional Brazilian rhythms with a focus on entertainment and community outreach without regard for the age, ability and background of its members. Music and dance are the context within which we foster cooperation, collaboration and synchronization of the intentions of our members. Through our performances the individual contributions of our members combine to inspire audiences and ourselves to fully participate in their own commu
Free Soul
Born and raised in Prince George, BC Free Soul's music is a mix of folk, funky, hip hop and rocking out to the beat!
Andrea Ramolo
Andrea Ramolo has a voice like Lucinda Williams, like Emmy Lou Harris, like Martha Wainwright...a voice that sounds like it knows the answers to life's mysteries...the kind of voice Roy Orbison would have written songs about...her songs...are so powerful they'll break your heart. Thank You For The Ride is one of those songs, like Octoberman's Run From Safety or Jason Collett's Hangover Days or Elliott Broods' The Bridge..." (Ro

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