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AUGUST 16-18, 2019


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2011 Lineup


Incorporating flavours of Dub, Electronica, Hip-hop, Jazz and many forms of world music, for years people have tried to define the OKA sound. Instead, perhaps look at the line-up - Three characters with varying influences, backgrounds and talents. Stu Boga Fergie (Didgeristu), the big man behind the electronic beats & keys brings raw didgeridoo & vocals inspired by his aboriginal heritage. Chris lane plays captivating melody on Slide Guitar, Harmonica & Woodwinds including Bamboo Flute and Sax. Making up the trio is Samoan-Australian Charlie Zappa – a rhythm specialist with beats of Polynesian fire and deep pocket. Together they blend many pieces that is the OKA puzzle - A sound & force that touches the heart & feeds the soul.

Digging Roots

After three years of touring in Canada, the US and Europe, Digging Roots decided it was time to get back in the studio and record a select few of the 40 plus songs they had in the store house since their last recording in 2006. So, in spring 2008 they rented a little cabin on the water, gathered their friends and allies and held up a recording studio arranging, recording and putting final touches on the new studio album.

Kinnie Starr

Kinnie Starr is an enigma. Unwavering, yet delicate. Poignant and intuitive. Powerful, yielding, gentle and fierce. MC, singer, musician, producer, poet, actress, artist, seeker. She is a trusted guide and fearless explorer with a name respected in almost any cultural or artistic conversation. Her familiar and extraordinary voice continues to provoke new thought and an evolved understanding of art, love, sex, culture, humanity and more.

Bill Durst

Always an audience favourite, Bill Durst has long been compared to the best guitar player/singer/entertainers anywhere in the world. Bill has written and recorded over 100 songs on ten albums including seven charted Canadian radio hits. After the early success of his band Thundermug in North America and Europe, Bill was acclaimed as one of the top songwriters in Canada, signing with CBS (now Sony) Publishing, and releasing his first two solo albums in 1984 and 1989. In between these two albums, as a side gig, Bill played in “the biggest bar band in Canada” Tres Hombres, a ZZ Top clone band, and that’s how he got his beard started!


Their songs and dances date back to the glorious times of the Mongolian Empire, preserving many genres and songs that became extinct in the other parts of Mongolian world. Being separated from each other politically since XVII century, Buryats and Mongolians still share many common traditions, and in search of cultural identity often think about each other as "true keepers of the ancient heritage". She is a daughter of the steppe, born to a cattle herder whose line included the darkhasha craftsmen. She masters the mysteries of the great wide open, voices of spirits of mountains and forests. Love to the melodies sung by her granny and her father, the wish to maintain the tradition that is becoming extinct, brought her on festival stages around the world.


Resisting the temptation to be pigeon holed into any one genre, Mamaguroove's music and live show is about Revolution! Masterfully executed chops, rich exotic vocals, an irresistable dance groove, and visually stunning costumes make for a one of a kind show!

Gordie Tentrees

Yukon roots-music songwriter Gordie Tentrees has released three albums. The most recent, Mercy or Sin, was produced by Juno-award-winner Bob Hamilton and nominated for a 2010 Western Canadian Music Award for Roots Solo Album of the Year. The title track was also chosen from 15,000 entries as a finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition. Judges included Tom Waits, Loretta Lynn and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Maria in the Shower

Maria in the Shower is Vancouver's legendary folk cabaret band - wandering minstrels, entertainers cut from old cloth, storytellers traveling often and gathering tales as they go. You will find them anywhere good people and good music gather - festivals, concert halls, parlours, community halls, house concerts, or simply in the street.


Hearing Headwater is like listening to the West Coast of Canada in song. Freewheeling, fierce, sentimental and sexy, the Vancouver, B.C., quartet has earned its reputation as one of the finest acoustic roots groups around the old-fashioned way - they work their asses off.


Born in Seoul, South Korea, the country of her mother’s heritage, Saritah grew up by the Indian Ocean in the most isolated city in the world – Perth, Australia.  A traveller from the time she was a few months old, however, she has always had a global perspective and has been exposed to and influenced by a diversity of music and culture from around the world.

Melissa Bandura

Melissa Bandura is a Vancouver-based Independent Folk musician and multi-instrumentalist. Having discovered the violin at the age of four, becoming a student of both classical and folk traditions, and subsequently learning guitar, flute, viola, mandolin and banjo, Melissa’s songs are skillfully written and uniquely orchestral.

Miss Emily Brown

Miss Emily Brown’s debut album, Part of You Pours Out of Me, named one of the top twelve albums of 2008 by CBC’s Alan Neal, marked a graceful entrance onto Canada’s independent music scene. On January 18, 2010 Emily released her sophomore album, In Technicolor, which features songs written as part of her Canada Council for the Arts sponsoredwinter-long songwriting project that explores her grandmother’s journal from World War II. In Technicolor was put forward for the 2010 Polaris Prize, a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for “Pushing the Boundaries,” and took Miss Brown to the top five nominees for CBC Radio 3’s Bucky Award for Best New Artist.

Dominique Fraissard

"…just great, I think you'll be hearing more of him really soon. He just gave me his cd at the Woodford Folk Festival and I really liked it, it really inspired me.".. - John Butler

"Getting the 'why the hell isn't he huge?' asterisk is Dominique Fraissard. Coming somewhere between the rock of Mick Hart and not as histrionic as iOta can be, Fraissard has voice, songs and a touch of the weird to be really compelling"...The Drum Media

Sasha Lewis

From the small village of Dunster, B.C Canada tucked away in the rocky mountains comes the rock folkstress Sasha Lewis.Honing in her craft all these years, Sasha is always trying new things. Over the last six years Sasha has performed with punk bands, recorded with a hip hop group as a featured singer/ songwriter, and has performed and written songs with a more alternative pop group. Known for working and collaborating with many different artists, this has helped broaden her range of genres and style. Now focusing on her solo career and staying true to herself, you can look forward to much more from this girl.

Caley Watts

Born in the remote coastal valley of Bella Coola, British Columbia, Caley Watts has been immersed in music her entire life. Having performed at various venues and music festivals over the years, Caley and her band bring a unique blend of folk, blues and rock. Caley's music reflects her appreciation for her rural roots, Indigenous heritage and the environment. Caley is joined by band mates Paul Grace-Campbell, Buddy Thatcher, and Niki Watts.


Cumako explores different musical elements by blending rhythmical grooves into new compositions. Our style or music expands from many musical influences from Africa to the Americas. It has no limits but captures the heart and soul of each individual musician.

On The House

Hannah Epperson

With loop pedal, fiddle and voice, Hannah Epperson creates intricate and moving musical landscapes. As a talented collaborative artist, she’s been on the road and recorded with Miss Emily Brown, toured western Canada with Aidan Knight, and performed with electro-pop sensations Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party. In Vancouver, she is a regular at Café Montmartre, and frequently opens for popular local bands at St. James Hall, the Anza and other clubs. Hannah's collaborative history has included many politically and socially charged mixed-media explorations, including collaborations with theatrical, visual, and musical artists including Zachary Gray of The Zolas and the cutting edge Gen Why Media Project.

GoGo Bonkers

The GoGo Bonkers performance is a wild musical ride full of Ogres, fairies, ravens, bears and trees. Several of these characters try to make the world a better place everyday. Like Treevor, the tree spirit, who sings about the importance of trees and all the things that are made from trees, or The Canadian Potato, who is a zany farmer who loves to plant, grow, eat and sing about fresh, locally grown potatoes, or Molly Mushroom, a dancing fairy that sings beautiful songs about the virtues of spending time outside in nature. And then there is Olagg the Ogre, a friendly Ogre that uses his big muscles and fists to crush rocks to make homes and bridges.

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