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AUGUST 11-13, 2017


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2012 Lineup

Don Alder

Don Alder plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar with a passion that has quickly earned him a reputation as Vancouver's "best kept little secret". Don is a world-class fingerstyle guitarist with a "wow factor" that has let to multiple endorsement deals with major manufacturers and a collaboration with Greenfield guitars to produce a signature acoustic guitar- the "Don Alder G4" model.

Don currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His unique style of playing incorporates fingerpicking with simultaneous percussion on the soundboard to create a wall of sound. He is often referred to as sounding like a four piece band. Don's music is his own unique weave of deeply textured melody and story. Lyrical and compelling, his original songs are notes of exploration - some passionate and haunting, some hard-driven, others light and teasing. In quiet pieces or pushing right to the edge, Don's phenomenal fingerstyle playing and rich voice captivate.


Allen & Alexander

The songwriters first joined forces when the pair found themselves onstage singing with Jane Siberry on her famous encore "Calling All Angels." After taking their dirty laundry clean across Canada on the first leg of their Dirty Laundry Dual CD Release Tour 2011, duo partners Jenny Allen and Leslie Alexander are returning to BC with their new solo CDs, each produced by BCCMA/BCMIA Producer of the Year John Ellis (Be Good Tanyas, Jane Siberry, Barney Bentall).


Ball Gag n Chain Gang

Ball Gag N Chain Gang is a 5-piece juggernaut of sound; a musical sideshow like no other. With horns, lap steels, didgeridoo, banjo, and 3 lead vocals each giving their own unique sound, they take what is great about music, mix it together, boil it down, and run it through some copper pipes and come out with tunes that are high in proof and sweet in flavor.


Folky Strum Strum

Iyan , Josh and Reno, the boys that make up Folky Strum Strum play their version of Banjo Rockin' folk music. They hail from the Peace Region in BC, met and came together for the simple passion of playing music. "The group has been described by fans as having a unique and soulful sound, that is backed by exceptional songwriting."

Two members discovering the beards they have in common and the third, although hairless, has a whole hearted approach to song writing. Although busy playing the region, they have paused a while to hibernate and record their much anticipated album. In 2004, Folky Strum Strum released their first album the "Iyan Bruvold Songbook Vol. #1", followed by a long rest, however only to be reunited with a force and mission to start all over again, only better, more intense.


Adrian Glynn

In a music world littered with singer-songwriters, Adrian Glynn stands apart. The Vancouver-based troubadour takes any opportunity to defy convention: he has turned murder ballads into spell-binding, microphone-free serenades, and abandoned the standard rock band setup in favour of suitcase kick drums and clawhammer piano strings.

This anything-goes approach to his craft has been Glynn's trademark since his earliest musical endeavours. Originally a trained character actor, his flare for live performance quickly won over audiences, and he teamed up with all-star producer Dave Glen (54-40, Matthew Good Band) and mixer Warne Livesey (Matthew Good Band, Xavier Rudd) to record his 2007 self-titled EP.


High Society

High Society is a four-headed beast with the undying strength of animatronics driven by monstrous animal instincts; with lungs only comparable to the likes of superman filling a voice that plucks your heart strings.

Based out of Vancouver, B.C. the band has been building a regional reputation across western Canada for close to two years playing a blend of R&B;, Soul, Folk, Blues, Hip Hop, and Jazz. They are currently getting ready to release a live album in between the tracking of a studio album before heading into the Great White North on their second tour.



"The orchestra pit is a foul, dank place, ruled by pretentious conductors frantically waving their whips to 200 year old romantic sonatas. Some musicians were born for this life of slavery and sight-reading, but not master violinist Kytami. After a long sentence she fled to the mountains, seeking redemption and inspiration among the peaks and valleys of this great earths bosom. Her long exile over, she re-emerged to the taverns and alleys of the metropolis, with a bow as her weapon, protection and provider.

It may have been chance, fate, or any number of supernatural phenomenons that brought Kytami into the fold of Lownote. All that is known is that she arrived one evening and never left. She has brought sight to the blind, pride to the meek, and blood to the muscle. She brought life from the mountains." -Don Mann (Lownote)


Liron Man

Liron's musical education has started early at the age of 4 while taking classical piano lessons for 7 years. As a teenager, naturally, he has picked up an electric guitar and took the rock, metal, and even some jazz route till he felt he needed to experiment with different music. At the age of 18, he has gegun to play instruments such as Mandolin, Bouzouki, Nai Flute and percussives and 2 years later he has discovered the Hang.



Mamaguroove has been playing its highly infectious, homegrown, eclectic brand of revolutionary music for over ten years. Grown from the roots of back-to-the- land-life in the Rocky Mountain wilderness of Northern BC, the 'Guroove' consists of a tight knit tribe, which is pronounced in their lyrics, music, and live theatrical intensity.

Lyrically, their songs express a strong connection to working, raising families, and addressing social and political issues that are found both in their own backyard and the world abroad.


Niska Napoleon

With her powerful stage presence, heartfelt songs and guts out attitude, Niska is beginning to strike a chord with fans across Canada. Combining strong melody driven pop/rock with her soulful conviction explain why she is able to stop people in their tracks whether she is dancing on stage, playing the guitar or serenading someone to a simple hand clap. At the age of ten, Niska had already written and recorded her first song which ended up on one of her dad Art Napoleon's albums. Having had a taste of show biz at an early age drove Niska to perform and create her own original music. She picked up the guitar at age twelve and soon began writing and performing all over Western Canada.


Miss Quincy

Like The Devil Does, Miss Quincy's second full length album is a moody collection of songs filled with dirty guitar licks, sweet gospel harmonies, swampy grooves, and stories of old time deal breakers. Miss Quincy and producer, Canadian roots & blues legend Tim Williams, set out to create an album with the gritty sound of tube amps, a tight rhythm section, and a band playing live-off-the-floor. Good musicians playing good music, it's the oldest trick in the book. A natural evolution from her debut album Your Mama Don't Like Me (Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year, 2011 BC Indie Awards), this new record takes Miss Quincy's signature vocal prowess, her love affair with the electric guitar, and songwriting skills into new-found down and dirty territory. Like The Devil Does is both 4am at the whorehouse and the Sunday morning after.


Donné Roberts

Donné came to wider recognition after he released his first album "Rhythm Was Born" and for his contribution as one of the members of the African Guitar Summit project, which won a JUNO in 2005 and was nominated for another one in 2007.

Donné Roberts was born in Madagascar, raised and educated in Moscow, Russia and now lives in Toronto. In Moscow, he was the first black VJ on MTV Russia. Touring Canada, he introduces his music to new fans who might be unfamiliar with the kinds of rhythms his music conveys and his fusion of seemingly dissimilar sounds.


Moonshine Marmalade

What do you get when you mix a rockabilly, a redneck and a hippie?...Moonshine Marmalade! This band consists of three local mountain critters out of the town of Jasper. They have been playing around the campfire for a couple of years now and have recently been enticed to bring their show to the stage. Leading the charge on vocals and guitar is Miss Chrisely Larson. Her right hand man Al McMaster, playing colourful leads on mandolin and tenor banjo. And of course Mr. Rock Steady Marc Gervais holding it down on the bass and percussion box. Their influences come from folk, old country, and bluegrass. In their short time together the have been playing gigs and parties around Jasper and have opened for greats such as NQ Arbuckle and Fred Eaglesmith. This trio is a real down home feel good group with contagious smiles


My Favourite Tragedy

my Favourite tragedy is an original 3 piece acoustic influenced radio writing ensemble that takes their name from the shifts in thinking that people experience in life's most challenging conditions. They have heartfelt relatable lyrics and catchy melodies that hook listeners in a wide range of demographics. With captivating performance and breath taking dynamics, they charm audiences wherever they perform. mFt was formed in Rockland, Ontario, summer of 2009 by founder North Easton whose music experience to date is well seasoned.



Navaz is an ensemble that fuses Persian music with a variety of Western genres. Elements of jazz, Latin and blues are blended with Persian melodies and rhythmic grooves.

Navaz began as a musical collaboration between Neda Jalali and Eric Tompkins. Eric's jazz and Latin guitar stylings and his interest in world music compliments Neda's beautifully haunting voice. Much of the music of Navaz is rooted in the Sufi poetry of Hafez and Rumi, while some of it has a more contemporary Persian sound fused with Spanish, Brazilian and jazz rhythms.


Stephanie Pedraza

Stephanie Pedraza is a unique combination of singer, song writer, flamenco dancer and cantaora (traditional flamenco singing) based in Vancouver BC.

Born in to a latin american family and having moved to Colombia at a very early age, she has been constantly immersed in her latin roots of song and dance.

Her original musical compositions are an honest reflection of her rich latinamerican background, of her experience growing up in Cali-Colombia and a perfect blend of traditional latin rhythms, pop, jazz, English and Spanish lyrics.


Yancarlos Sanchez

Yancarlos Sanchez grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Reliable sources (His mom) describe Yancarlos as a young kid with a passion for music.After years of crafting his different vocal sounds He decided to move to the US where He traveled among various instruments.Today He continues moving forward evolving musically, embarked in the constant discovery of what feels right.

Yancarlos Sanchez - Performs his music with vivid passion, utilizing different vocal technics and the elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Bossa Nova and a certain unknown X .His music will go into the depths of your mind, but only if you let it.The sound is seasoned by the mood of the environment and aged to a chaotic universe of sonic understanding. Join this musician on his development.


Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is an energetic and captivating singer/songwriter. His musicianship is top notch and his performances are always full of funk, humour, strange instruments, pterodactyl squawks, grunts, grooves, storytelling and good ol'fashioned zinger wit.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. In 2002 Andrew moved to Lethbridge Alberta to study music and education at the University of Lethbridge. During this time he ended up being the energetic frontman for a very popular local group called The Turncoats. This group recorded two discs (Bloodrunnin, Teeth Like A Chainsaw) and played at venues and festivals all over Western Canada including The South Country Fair, The Spectrum Festival, the Lethbridge Folk Club, the Kispiox Valley Music Festival, the Peace Starts at Home Festival, the Ironwood Stage and Grill, Better Than Freds, Broken City, and The Slice Bar and Grill.


Shawn Stephenson

A Kootenay mountain musician…solo multi-instrumental, live looping devotee. Whether on stage, CD, radio or film, Shawn regularly exposes himself as a multi-talented musician across Canada. This is the usual result of intense experiments with electro-organic music, always incorporating new apparatus and instrumentation. In concert he creates deep, atmospheric organic grooves with intense acoustic guitar work, powerful vocals, pounding percussion and many other instrumental substances. By playing multiple instruments and deftly controlling several loop stations, he builds live walls of sound which push the boundaries of traditional form and keep audiences on their feet.

String and skin, steel and silicon chips, all meld to produce the kind elemental music you might expect from a collective group of musicians and technicians.


The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra

Emerging as on of Canada's most exciting young multi-genre roots band, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra's faithful underground following has expanded to National awareness and saw them playing festivals across Canada and the US in 2011.

Known for delivering their unique brand of acoustic, high energy Gypsy-Ska-Roots-Grass with dedication and precision, keeping it exciting and generating dancing fans with every show, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra have sold hundreds of albums at individual shows; 600 at Seattle's FolkLife alone, and tend to always be that name you overhear someone saying "Did you see that band?"


Bottoms Up Barely Burlesque


Zahirah Middle Eastern Bellydancers

The Zahirah Middle Eastern Bellydancers are a professional Middle Eastern Dance troupe based in Prince George, B.C. Canada, founded and directed by professional dancer and instructor Halawa(Sandra Tanemura). Troupe Zahriah started performing officially as a group in September of 2006. The word ' Zahirah' in Arabic means shiny ladies, and that we are! All the ladies are talented, beautiful, and soulful with unique styles and experiences. Each of the women have individual backgrounds in dance and music and bring to the troupe a range of body acceptance and sensuality that is portrayed in their dancing.

The Troupe Zahirah is dedicated to providing authentic Middle Eastern Dance entertainment. A living art form, Middle Eastern Dance is enriched by interpretations and modern influences. Troupe Zahirah honors the roots of this ancient dance through traditional styles, while simultaneously contrbuting to the eveolution of the dance through comtemporary interpretation. With and emphasis on vibrant, dynamic performances, Zahirah's goal is to promote the art of Middle Eastern Dance and to correctly educate the public about this beautiful art form.

For the kids:


Angela Brown

Ms. Brown produces, writes, directs and performs. She specialized in shows for family audiences and has toured all over British Columbia with the Ta Daa Lady stage show, storytelling performances and the Nylon Zoo. Angela's performances, songs and stories are based on themes that are relevant to young children. She uses puppets, dance, clown and interactive songs to engage the children in problem solving and creative thinking. Many of her songs and stories have an environmental theme. Angela's stage shows are designed for both formal and informal settings for both large and small parties, festivals and theatres.


Go Go Bonkers

The GoGo Bonkers performance is a wild musical ride full of Ogres, fairies, ravens, bears and trees. Several of these characters try to make the world a better place everyday. Like Treevor, the tree spirit, who sings about the importance of trees and all the things that are made from trees, or The Canadian Potato, who is a zany farmer who loves to plant, grow, eat and sing about fresh, locally grown potatoes, or Molly Mushroom, a dancing fairy that sings beautiful songs about the virtues of spending time outside in nature. And then there is Olagg the Ogre, a friendly Ogre that uses his big muscles and fists to crush rocks to make homes and bridges.


Lost and Found Puppet Company

Lost & Found Puppet Co. based in Vancouver, BC was created by Maggie Winston in 2007. Members of the company consist of Maggie Winston and any person interested in joining the company for any given project. Interdisciplinary collaboration and community activism are at the heart of Lost & Found Puppet Co.



Timeless Voices: A journey into improvised A Capella

with: Doug Koyama

Timeless Voices is a workshop in which I guide the participants through a course of perception altering exercises and sonic adventures into vocal improvisation. There is no right, there is no wrong. Take a breath, make a sound, do it again . . . that's all you need to remember.

After a warm-up for your body and your voice we will experience Long Tones, where each breath is a note created by you. When your creation joins together with the group's creations the result can be breath-taking. Learn what your body and your mind already know about invented language.


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  • Didgeridoo
  • Flamenco Dance
  • Flamenco Guitar
  • Strange but Glorious Instruments from all over the World
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Local Performers:

  • Aaron Scott
  • Bismuth
  • Blue Syntax
  • The Bressettes
  • Keith Berg
  • Jane Houlden
  • Moonshine Marmalade
  • Pamela Moul & Bob Matchett
  • Charlie Staniforth

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