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AUGUST 11-13, 2017


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2016 Lineup

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De Bruces A Mi

De Bruces a Mi is one of the most representative bands of Colombian reggae – they have been on the scene for 16 years, performed on the most important stages in their home country, and shared their music with audiences in Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, and Kenya. Their music is inspired by both Jamaican rhythms and the music of their homeland, a unique style they call ‘Reggae Mestizo’ or ‘Mixed Reggae’ as a tribute to, and in recognition of, the cultural diversity that identifies them and their region. Energy, strength and joy defines De Bruces a Mi on stage; with lyrics that speak to love, life, spirituality, and political struggle.

Video: On YouTube


Coco Love Alcorn

Coco Love Alcorn sings joyful soul; a combination of her diverse musical influences including Jazz, Pop, R&B; and Folk. Her voice is hailed as ‘extraordinary’ (Vancouver Province), ‘beautiful’ (Canadian Musician) and ‘stunning’ (Star Phoenix). Her playful and witty character, love of improvising and her willingness to engage fearlessly with the audience has made Coco Love Alcorn a mainstay on the Canadian music scene.

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Frank Yamma

Frank Yamma is regarded by many as one of Australia’s most significant Indigenous songwriters and performers. An initiated Pitjantjatjara man from Australia's central desert, he sings in his native language and English. His mighty songs, magical guitar playing and deeply arresting voice are spine tingling.

“He’s from the central desert and is the kind of singer-songwriter who can lead us out of the wilderness. All of us. Multilingual, an incredibly skilled guitarist of great musicality... Honest to the point of brutality, he tells it precisely as it is, in the most heart-rending possible way. If ‘She Cried’ can’t move you to tears, your lachrymal profusion may’ve dried up for good; if desiccation persists, seek medical advice. His is a soul laid bare.” CRIKEY MAGAZINE

Web Site:


Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

Bubbling up from the cauldron of roots Americana music, Samantha Martin is an artist of extraordinary power, gravitas and deep-seated emotion. On first listen, one is immediately struck by the awesome presence and sheer magnitude of her other worldly voice. Cigarette-ravaged and whiskey-soaked in the extreme, Martin’s pipes are capable of conveying an infinite range of emotions, bringing one to tears in one instance and in the next uplifting one’s soul with an empowered declaration of hope, faith and desire.

Born in Edmonton, Martin first discovered the power of her voice in Grade 4 while auditioning for a role in a class production of The Sound of Music, belting out Rogers and Hammerstein’s “My Favorite Things.” When her music teacher got excited and brought other teachers in to see the effect of the young dynamo’s pipes, Martin knew she had something special going on. A couple of years earlier, her father had bought her an acoustic guitar, getting her started by showing her a few chords and a basic boogie shuffle.

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The Dead South

The Dead South is a four-piece acoustic ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan. With Nate Hilts' gritty vocals and aggressive guitar strumming, Scott Pringle's soaring harmonies and mandolin chops, Colton Crawford's blazing banjo licks and steady kick drum, and Danny Kenyon's prominent cello melodies, The Dead South blends elements of folk, bluegrass, classical, and rock which results in a unique, modern, and authentic blend of boot-stompin' acoustic music.

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Brandon Isaak

What separates Brandon from the rest of the pack besides his world-class musicianship and song writing, is his ability to connect and involve the audience in his live shows.

After many nominations by The Maple Blues Awards, (Canada's national blues awards) this Yukonion guitar slinger finally won his first MBA last year for (Acoustic Act of the Year). The nominations were just released again and Brandon once again has a nomination... (Guitarist of the Year). We'll have to wait and see what happens. Last year he had nominations for (Song Writer of the Year), (Acoustic Act of the Year) and (Album of the Year) for his latest solo album; Here On Earth.

Brandon was nominated by (The 2013 Maple Blues Awards) for (Acoustic Act Of The Year) and (Song Writer Of The Year). He was nominated for (Song Writer Of The Year) by the 2010 M.B.A.'s. This honour recognized him as being one of Canada’s top songwriters. He was also one of Canada’s 13 artists picked to write a road song about their province / territory for the CBC’s, great Canadian Song Quest 2011.

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Tom Korver and Felix from The Netherlands are unleashing their Euro styled EBM with local guest live musicians thrown into the mix.



The Burying Ground

The Burying Ground is a band consisting of guitar, washboard, saw, harmonica and upright bass. Our love for the early country, blues, ragtime and jazz inspires us to create original songs that emulate old ones as well as to play renditions of songs from the 1920's and 30's.

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The Misery Mountain Boys

The Misery Mountain Boys are an acoustic ensemble, playing a variety of eclectic roots music. With strong musicianship, and drawing on a diverse influence from swing, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, reggae, and funk, the groups performance is high-energy and interactive, playful yet unpredictable.

The roots of the Misery Mountain Boys lie on the banks of the mighty Peace River, in small-town Northern Alberta where guitarist Steve Gevenich and mandolinist Dom Golec grew up sharing and creating music together, discovering their own sound and style for over a decade. Since 2011 the group has been based out of Edmonton, Alberta and has continuously evolved through their passion for playing music together. Their second EP ‘Long Gone Cat Daddy’ was released in December 2015 and puts a unique emphases on acoustic rhythm and groove.

Web Site:


Linda McRae

Linda McRae is a Canadian, US based singer/songwriter who has built a following through amazing albums and a tireless tour schedule. Performing on banjo, guitar and accordion her warm and world-weary voice, unforgettable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, make McRae a captivating and sought-after artist. Linda has performed in venues as diverse as Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre and New Folsom Prison, where she performs and facilitates writing workshops for the inmates. These experiences lead to the creation of her Express Yourself Writing Workshops currently being presented in detox centres, alternative schools, and youth and adult correctional facilities across North America.

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Raghu Lokanathan

Raghu is a thin, bearded, bespectacled man who will smile if you look at him. Almost a decade ago, he came to Prince George on the run, to live in the care of his brother, a daydreaming surgeon. Raghu’s latest experiment in the countryside of Nova Scotia had led him to conclude that he was not cut out to be a farmer. He was relieved to find that all he had left were the songs he’d made, and a drive to keep making more.

So he wrote and wrote and wrote songs, better than any he had ever written before; clever, sympathetic songs that showed a dark, and darkly humorous, edge. He played some great concerts and by the time he released his album Caledonia, everyone could see he was headed for bigger things. His songs were played and regularly requested on CBC programs like the Vinyl Café and Richardson’s Roundup, whose host Bill Richardson said the song “Ramona” was “genius”. Raghu was asked to play at the Vancouver folk festival, where the late Utah Phillips heard him, and said that Raghu “writes songs like they used to a long time ago.” He toured across the country. Other artists began covering his songs. He wrote and wrote and wrote brilliant new songs, grittier than before, with radical experiments in song structure and point-of-view that always sounded natural, even inevitable.

Web Site:


5 Smooth Stones

5 Smooth Stones are the organizing committee for The Rocky Mountain Son Festival which is a Christian Music Festival out at Muskuta Creek near Hinton. The Five members got together to form a band and play soul inspiring music and have some fun. They enjoy writing their own songs and playing various genres of gospel flavoured music.




"Navaz is an ensemble that fuses Persian music with a variety of western genres. Elements of jazz, Latin, rock and blues are blended with Persian melodies and high energy rhythmic grooves."

Web Site:


Five Alarm Funk

Hot, sweaty dance floors with feet stomping and every body moving. Grooves for days. Monster horns and shredding psych-rock guitars. Oh, and giant killer robots. Let’s not forget about those. The Vancouver-based band is nine men strong and over a decade deep into a career that has seen it release five acclaimed albums and burn up stages across the country on four national tours. And this vehicle isn’t about to slow down. In fact, Five Alarm Funk is just picking up steam. Don’t be fooled by the name: there’s more to Five Alarm Funk than, well, funk. Although they are rooted in the style that gives the outfit its name, the bandmates thrive on being able to transcend that genre by seamlessly mixing in elements of Gypsy rock, Latin music, ska, and even prog-metal.

Web Site:


DJ Ole Fashion

DJ Ole Fashion is Kris Wood's, of zeeeee band Blackberry Wood, magic alter ego. Dj Ole Fashion has too much fun with musics that inspire Blackberry Wood, that's high energy Electro Swing, and Balkan beat Gypsy craziness!!!


Soundcloud: Electro Blues Set


The Imprints

The Imprints are a high energy experimental dance music duo from Melbourne, Australia. Described as ‘stunning and atmospheric’ their live show has taken them to legendary festivals including Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe, Fusion and Boomtown. In their element in front of festival and party crowds, the duo have a surprisingly huge sound creating heavy bass and beats driven dance music.

Armed with a violin and various FX pedals Willow creates sub bass, filtering guitar and psychedelic synth parts with poly-rhythmic, high-energy drumming. Willow explains ‘I use an octave pedal to create a sub bass tone on my violin, a special violin strung with octave strings to emulate the sounds of viola and cello and a bunch of effects pedals to create all the psychedelic sounds that are heard in a lot of the tracks’.

Web Site:


Hachey The Mouthpeace

Technically, Jason Hachey, is a beatboxer. However, what he does is so much more than just beatboxing. He records, loops, and creates beats as he beatboxes – in essence creating original songs each time he performs. Hachey has spent the last 13 years perfecting his signature sound of the mouth with explosive performances transforming new listeners into life-long fans.

Hachey the MouthPEACE, based out of Hamilton, Ontario, has a mind-blowing beatbox set including heavy synths, vocoder, various vocal effects, with singing and rapping. Well rooted in the Hamilton and Toronto Music Scene.

Web Site: On Bandcamp


Lexi Marie

Lexi Marie is a prolific poet and vocalist currently based out of Lillooet BC, who combines the essence of soul and folk sealed with an R&B; kiss. Lexi is recognized for captivating audiences with bold and honest lyrics, an engaging stage presence and a voice so evocative she'll have you calling home. The strength of her music is grounded in her inspirations; growing up on Motown, hip-hop and soul music, Lexi has been influenced by strong female artists like Mavis Staples, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill.

Raised in Victoria, Bc, a small town that has always had a love affair with hip hop, Lexi Marie spent much of her youth in foster homes, group homes and youth shelters struggling with addiction, and battling the gritty residue of an abusive childhood. Going to hip hop shows and writing poetry became her reprieve which eventually led her to create music infused with strong messages of hope that audiences connect with today.

Web Site:


Doug Koyama

With a voice as big as all outdoors and some looping technology Doug Koyama builds sonic sound-scapes that range from perfectly simple to devilishly complex and everything in between.

“Improvised A Capella is the art of getting out of the way of the music that naturally wants to come from you. All you need to remember is take a breath, make a sound, keep going.”

Improvised A Capella with a loop pedal is the most compelling thing you’ve never heard before. Rich vocals are looped in limitless layers of interlocking patterns where poly-rhythm and discordance dance on impossible aural landscapes. Invented language introduces the idea of storytelling without the encumbrance of words, the whole thing melts into an experience that will leave you breathless.

Web Site:


Sam Klass

Klass creates an expressive atmosphere by making high energy danceable soundscapes live on the spot using guitar, voice, beatbox, sampling and synths running through a loop station. With a musical style that mixes original compositions and cheeky covers, bolstered by improvisation, Sam creates new music at each performance.

Sam’s style of music is electronic influenced psychedelic funk. His sound has been described as waves of danceable energy and emotion cascading through the air, carrying the audience to a spiritually better place.

Web Site:


Tim Bennett

With a heart as big as the Aussie desert and a voice kind enough to soothe the Rockies, Tim Bennett connects with a beautiful show that feed the many senses.

Web Site: At Mojo Junction


Kym Gouchie

I was born into music and have been singing my whole life, even when I sang out of key in my younger years I never gave up. I really got into music in my 20's when karaoke was the trend and I kept winning contests. In my 30's I started collaborating with musicians and started doing live performances and began loving the stage. In 2006 and in my 40's I was discovered by Sandy Scofield and joined her Indigenous women's trio called 'Iskwew' meaning 'women' in the cree language, and that is when my music career was born. We traveled internationally representing Canada at Indigenous Music Festivals in Mexico and France. We also did the ArtStarts School Tours throughout BC and performed at numerous music festivals and cultural gatherings nationally. I left Iskwew in 2008 and ventured out on my own. I fronted a couple of bands in the Okanagan from 2009-2012 and continued to play festivals and cultural gatherings as a solo artist.

In 2013, I experienced a series of personal crisis' which resulted in me writing a bunch of songs. In 2014, I wrote a proposal and received a music grant which allowed me to record my first EP titled 'Mountain of Youth'. Now here we are in 2016 and I have committed myself to music full time. I am in love with my new life and am enjoying traveling and sharing my story and songs with everyone. I just finished recording a brand new single titled 'A Long Way From Here', a song in honour of the Murdered & Missing Aboriginal Women & Girls. It will be released on vinyl and will be available to download in early April 2016 then we start recording a brand new album.

Web Site:


North Easton

North Easton is a prolific singer/songwriter who infuses his creativity and originality in a timeless form that pulls people through a roller coaster of emotions. With intense vocal and writing stylings comparable to Dave Matthews, Phil Collins and Cat Stevens and his dynamic acoustic flavor, listening and watching him perform is hypnotic and an experience not soon forgotten.

No stranger to the big stage North Easton has played with Canadian artists Great Big Sea, 54-40, I Mother Earth to name a few and has made a number of TV performances throughout his career including Canada A.M., Breakfast Television, Rogers Daytime and The Mike Bullard Show.

With radio success in previous project Garrity, including 7 radio releases and 4 music videos all receiving airplay and written by North Easton, he continues his quest as primary writer of My Favourite Tragedy, and co-writer to many other continuing Canadian Projects.

My Favourite Tragedy, started as a dedication to North's mother after she lost the fight to Lung Cancer, won over $100,000 in Canada's Biggest Radio Contest the BIG MONEY SHOT (Newcap Radio). The single "Like This" went on to receive great reviews across Canada and airplay throughout.

North currently is in production of his long awaited SOLO Album “My Way Home”

Web Site:



This folk-roots duo first took the stage together New Year’s Eve of 2009, married in 2010 and formed Zonnis in 2013, a celebration of the birth of their son Zander. With a full commitment to love in every mold imaginable, they regularly tour Western Canada, sometimes dipping into the coastal United States and taking touring, writing, and family trips throughout Central America.

Anywhere an audience is open-minded and engaged is Zonnis’ favourite place to perform. Some festivals they have enjoyed rocking include Artswells, Arts on the Fly, MoM, Soul Fest, and Hootstock. With enough originals to fill an evening and enough beloved cover tunes to fill a lifetime, a Zonnis show is about engaging and entertaining an audience through a musical adventure.

Web Site:


Red Haven

When Red Haven’s Brendan Steele and Jennifer Charters visited New Orleans in February 2014, they were struck by the spontaneity and simplicity expressed by the roving swing bands of Frenchman Street, stopping traffic every night of the week. They returned home with a notebook full of songs, and a concept for a band that would encompass the vitality of a New Orleans street party with the west-coast Canadian folk and indie music they were raised on. Long-time collaborator, songwriter Nathan Turner, picked up an upright bass, and the three began to hone their sound.

One year later, Red Haven's raucous, spirited brand of folk music received funding from FACTOR, and was featured on stages at folk music festivals such as Arts Wells, Quadrapalooza, Tiny Lights Festival, and Hootstock. Jesse Thom (Dirty Grace) accompanied the band on drums for a tour, and has since joined in the songwriting process. "While also a folk band, Red Haven’s sound is decidedly different,” says Carolyn Nikodym at the Fernie Fix, “it’s more whiskey soaked and vaudevillian – a perfect Monday evening pick-me-up. The trio, inspired by a trip to New Orleans, blends gypsy jazz and indie pop melodies.”

Web Site:


The Joey Only Outlaw Band

The all new Outlaw Band can be found at their home, the Wells Hotel on any given weekend with Sean Scallion, Joel Stern, Leah Martin and Joey Only fronting the show. The new line-up is as hot as any the Outlaw Band has ever had! The buzz is back and already Joey is finding himself in much demand. Adding to the available show this year was Joey’s new Stompin Tom Tribute Act.

Joey Only has played 1000 shows in 10 provinces and some territories in Canada, and is destined to be a Canadiana Country classic. He’s a social outlaw and a political radical, a mountain man, a goldminer, a father, a husband and always has his wife Ms.Leah Martin on stage. Mostly he just wants to kick ass when showtime arrives using his unique cross-over of Waylon style outlaw-country pickin and down home Stompin Tom attitude towards all things Canadiana.

Web Site: On


Samson's Delilah

Fearless, unique, soul full world folk, funk, rock opera.

Seth Macdonald and Shara Gustafson, are well known on the Northern Alberta and B.C. festival scene as the front line of the funk/rock/reggae/world groove high energy dance band "Mamaguroove", born and raised in Dunster, B.C.

With Samson’s Delilah, Seth & Shara have ventured into new musical territory. With a fierce intensity weaving throughout their soundscapes, utterly captivating, Samson’s Delilah will leave their mark on every listener. Heavily influenced by latin guitar, reggae, rock opera and other world music, driven with thought provoking songwriting, the thread of the "guroove" runs deep, and you will not be disappointed by the fusion and spell that they weave....

Web Site: On SonicBids



Blocktreat is a slow burn of electronic, acoustic, and natural textures. Brandon Hoffman plays effects-drenched mandolin and a suitcase of electronics, while Graham Serl (JPNSGRLS) plays drums. As nostalgic as it is futuristic. “...Blocktreat may not be a household name yet, but if his new single ‘Hinterland Steez’ is anything to go off, he definitely will be soon.” (Vice Noisey)

Web Site:

For the young and young-at-heart


The Perry Springman Band

Perry Springman from Aldergrove, B.C. is a full time, professional singer/songwriter and recording artist, and most recently the leader of a unique and crowd pleasing kids' band........ his kids actually! Pint sized musicians, with bushels of talent that will have everyone singing and dancing along. The music is well produced, with clever lyrics and relevant themes, oh, and it brings out contagious peals of giggles as well! With high quality musicianship and lively stage appeal, this is kids' music that grown-ups love too! Not simply another remake of overplayed children's tunes, this is original creative music that adults can actually enjoy alongside their kids, younger pals, grandkids, and friends' kids. Interactive and imaginative and all kinds of fun!

Web Site:


Barefoot Caravan Workshops

Rhythm & Song

Experience indigenous songs from around globe with intentions of community and nature elements, Songs of stories and teachings in several languages…call and response, echoe and chant songs filled with joyful harmonies! Blended with the pulse of the drum! Variety of hand drums and percussion provided

Angela Roy Bio

Founder of Expression, bilingual artist-educator is the recipient of the Prime Minister Award of Excellence and the founding member of the world music ensemble Barefoot Caravan.

Full time touring artists and educator, performing within the festival circuit as well as school cultural performances and artist in residency programs.

Engaged in traveling as a seeker of cultural root music, she apprenticed with a drum maker in Central America with Art from The Heart rhythm and drums as well as studied highlife rhythms from a Ewe drum master.

Web Site:


Jesaja Class

Magical Jesaja is a young magician and circus artist from Nemiah Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

Jesaja developed an early interest in magic and circus art at the age of seven. It all began with a little trick given to him by a friend. Since that day he’s been fascinated by the world of magic and illusions. Later, given access to the Internet, he advanced his skills by purchasing magic DVDs and tutorials. After practicing every day for countless hours in front of a mirror until he was satisfied with his own presentation. He began to perform his magic in public, starting with friends and family members as his initial spectators.

At age 14, he progressed on to perform at local schools and events. Soon receiving his first inquiries for stage shows, birthday parties, festivals and corporate events.

Always eager to learn another trick, master a difficult cardistry sequence or create a new illusion, he became determined to become a professional entertainer. Since then he has touched and inspired thousands of people with his magic, not only on stage, but also online with his other passion as an amateur filmmaker, producing magic-themed videos for his YouTube channel.

Web Site:


Bees Knees Yoga for little bees

Donalda Dawn Beeson is the owner and founder of The Bee’s Knees Yoga. She is an ardent lover and practitioner of all things yoga with a distinct passion for sharing the yogic lifestyle, especially with kids and families. Donalda was fortunate enough to have completed level one of her 200hr yoga teacher certification with Ryan Leire in 2013, and level two in 2014. She is now a certified One Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. In addition she completed both her Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, and Rainbow Kids Yoga teaching certificates in 2013. She has workshop experience in Storyyoga with Vanessa Braun, Acro-yoga, partner yoga, group yoga, yoga for at risk youth, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Thai massage, children’s theatre, and expressive art therapy.

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE


Wellness Workshops

The Bees Knees Yoga with Donalda

The Bee’s Knees Yoga offers both private and group yoga sessions by appointment across North Central BC. All yoga is offered in a trauma informed manner.

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Visual Artists

Mixed Media Art Journaling with Paula Scott

This will be ongoing all weekend with its base in the Art Tent, with access to all kinds of materials and inspiration to create a page in the "RVMF" journal. Anything goes here and we encourage all attendees, performers, volunteers, to take part in this little bit of RVMF history!

Web Site:


Milan Basic - Live Mural Painting

Milan Basic discovered art through graffiti in the late 1980’s. This led to portrait art, automotive airbrushing, graphic design and wall murals. After focusing primarily on walls, it was after much prodding that he try applying these images to canvas. Starting with spray paint on canvas, curiousity and experimentation led to a multitude of mixed media works. The original canvases were strongly graffiti inspired, which then evolved into photo-realism and naturally, surrealism. Evolution brought originality. Not wanting to regurgitate the usual selection, it was decided Milan would introduce all of his influences into his current productions. Using techniques learned from years in the film industry combined with styles taken from his many years of involvement in the graffiti culture and adding other ideas inspired by renaissance art and even anime art.

Web Site:


Raven Moon

Originally hailing from the Swiss Alps, Raven Moon has landed in the Robson Valley to share her creative passions with the community. With over 20 years studying Classical Music, many years as a professional Seamstress & endless projects working with different art mediums, there's no lack of creativity here! Her drive is to build community & deep connection through artistic endeavours.

"I try to incorporate materials & themes found in nature... Using what the Mother has given us, to create textures and color palettes that resonate to the human eye. We live in a world where we easily forget what it means to be connected to Earth, and often a simple piece of art can bring us back to something sacred." Keep your eyes peeled around the festival grounds, Raven and the Creative Art Team will surprise you with whimsical & beautiful expressions of creativity


Sam Buka

She comes from a sage brush desert where two rivers meet. A true tumbleweed and as traveled as a dandelion seed. Inspired by nature she has become a muralist painter, seamstress, street artist, musician, magician, singer songwriter, earth worshiper.


ADULTS ONLY! Programming

Bottoms Up Baring Burlesque

"Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often." - Mae West

Bottoms Up Barely Burlesque is a performance troupe consisting of dancers, singers and actors. They combine burlesque, cabaret, and vaudeville styles together to produce highly entertaining and polished shows. Well known for their "Unseemly Events" the troupe can often be found making musical collaborations and producing one of a kind performances.

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE


Kat Single-Dain and Patrick Kearns

Kat Single-Dain is Artistic Director of The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, Parade of Lost Souls and creator director choreographer of The Scarlet Queen of Mercy and Hard Times Hit Parade.​

Web Site:

Patrick Kearns shies away from labels, but shamelessly flirts with titles. Lately, he's been trying to get The Artist's number.

Web Site:


The Dirrty Show

Gliding your mind into the gutter one soaring harmony at a time, two sexually empowered women (Kayla Williams and Melody Stang) sing of ‘Double R-rated’ topics that are rarely brought to light and transform them into catchy morsels of melodic hilarity. Their slick riffs and quick wit spans across all genres, penning crowd favourites such as Queef Anthem, Finger in the Butt, Morning Wood and Ballad of the Tinderman. There is no innuendo here, to be blunt. “What many seem to appreciate about The Dirrty Show is the fact that they unapologetically throw the hardest-to-stomach aspects of sex in peoples faces, and through humour make it (at least somewhat) digestible.” – ‘Lure of the Lewd’ by Trevor Nichols, The Jasper Fitzhugh

The Dirrty Show wants to “f*ck you till you cream” and with that attitude the duo’s live performance synergy explodes with inappropriate banter, hilarious comedic spin on sexuality, ridiculous faces and alluring dance moves. Since 2011 they have rocked some of the top Comedy stages in Canada (Toronto Yuk Yuk’s Nubian Show, Edmonton Comedy Festival) and Australia (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Comic’s Lounge) and more festivals and music venues than they can count on their ladyfingers.

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